The Schoolgirl motif has become somewhat of a cultural Archetype in its own right, which is very much at the fore of Japanese Manga, Anime and Hentei of underlying Geisha sexuality. One will find a Japanese Goddess who is very similar in some respects to the Sixty-second Spirit of the Goetia called Benzaiten or otherwise known as Benten should one rebelliously perceive said Goetia Spirit as being Female of course. Benten is one of the Seven Shichi Fukujin deities of Good-Luck who is also the patron saint of Geishas; she is often depicted as riding a Dragon. One could also perceive Valuna as being akin to the Buddhist Dakini called Kurukulla who is associated with Love and Enchantment whom is sometimes perceived to be bedecked with Serpents as her jewellry.

In the Goetia Valu, otherwise called Valuna is associated with the Planetary influence of Mercury, which is perceived to Aid Spiritual and Psychic Awareness, Divination; Communication, Casting Spells for Mental Issues as well as to influence others, Learning, Overcoming Addictions, Enhancing Perception, Acquiring Artistic skills and empowering ones Artistry whereby increasing ones Creativity.

Mercury is the Roman name of the ancient Greek deity Hermes whom was otherwise known as Odin by the Norse while the Saxon's called him Woden whose name became that of (Woden's Day) Wednesday, which in the Germanic is Woden's Daeg. The name of Hermes has its feminine form of Hermione, which was made famous by the Schoolgirl character of Hermione Granger from out of the Harry Potter books, wherefore one can merge Hermione with Valuna. When one Evokes Valuna one can draw her Seal using certain colours in order to empower ones intent such as that of the colour Orange for Communication issues, Speed Learning and Studies or Red and Black when one Reverses Spells and negative attitudes, while one utilises the colour Purple for increasing ones Artistic Creativity manifold. The Seal is then utilised to focus upon of Meditition practice in order to thence induce a Lucid Dream via which one Evokes Valuna whom will then grant ones desire.

The Information Domain of a Dream, which one accesses will be determined by the Symbol one focuses upon. The Symbol will then set up an Informational Associative Fractal pattern of Correspondences, which will then formulate into a Dream Domain, whereby the Archetypal Symbol of the Schoolgirl motif will thence set up a Dream regarding a School within which one enters into a 'Mercurial' Classroom. One will find that the Classroom within ones Dreams will be derived from ones Memories, which will also incorporate other elements derived from popular culture such as Harry Potter's Hogwarts or St Trinian's for example. The Symbol, which one intially focuses upon (such as Valuna's Seal) in order to initiate a Dream will then aid one to become 'Lucid of Awareness' within the Dream when one recognises the Symbol. The Symbol will thereby act as a 'Trigger' mechanism whereupon when recognised one becomes Lucid within the Dream, this will then allow one to Consciously Evoke Valuna when to call out her name within the Dream.